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General overview

Here you find the RDF version of the PAROLE SIMPLE CLIPS lexicon (names only for the time being) as described in:


The lexical entries with all lexical information and relations are converted using lemon, while the extended qualia structure relations are instantiated among their ontological referents.

The ontological entries are instances of the classes of the SIMPLE OWL ontology that you can download in this page (see below) and which is described in:

PAROLE SIMPLE CLIPS Lexical Entries in lemon

Here you find the lexical entries converted using the lemon model in XML RDF

PAROLE SIMPLE CLIPS Ontological Entries, linked by Extended Qualia structure

Here you can find the list of the ontological objects that constitute the referent of the senses of each lexical entry in XML RDF.

They are linked to each other by semantic relations such as is-made-of, is-produced-by ...

Complete datasets of PAROLE SIMPLE CLIPS Entries

You find here the complete gzipped datasets for download.


Example of use

In order to query our dataset you may want to start with your lemma of choice, retrieve the URI for it from the index of lexical entries, then access its lemon representation./

For instance you can retrieve URI for the lexical entry for "limone".

From the lexical entry you can then retrieve all senses: "limone" as a fruit, a plant and a color and all the lexical polysemy relations occurring among such senses: PolysemyVegetalEntity-Colour, PolysemyPlant-Fruit.

Finally, you can access the ontological referent for the sense of your choice, for instance: "limone" as a tree, where you can find all ontological relations that the lemon tree has with other ontological entries, for instance that leaves are a part of the lemon tree, etc.

This material is Open Data

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